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Rachel Johnson

previous employee & owner of Dreamacres Marrakesh Express

I was blessed to work on the Dreamacres farm for John & Susan for 8 years. Through those years, I witnessed and raised a large number of Dreamacres' foals, cared for broodmares & performed numerous other duties for their operation. I can easily say that John & Susan run a first-class operation and the dispositions of their saddlebreds are unmatched.

Every horse that was raised went on to become a successful riding partner, including my Dreamacres gelding, Nash. I acquired Nash about 3 years ago and he is a constant reminder of the versatility that comes from the Dreamacres farm. You could show him one day, then saddle him up for a trail ride the next. He's smart, always ready & willing to work and he has a personality that everyone wishes for in their equine partner.


Working in that industry, you learn to put your emotional connections to the horses aside; knowing that the horses will soon go off to training, usually never being seen again. I would have never thought I'd be lucky enough to call a horse I witnessed at birth and was able to help raise, as "mine." I fell in love with Nash from the start, and I can't wait to be with him until the end. Thanks John & Susan for the wonderful years and a beautiful Dreamacres horse!



Greg Wilson

owner of Dreamacres Pinball Wizard

These guys have a classy operation, and they breed not just for looks, but for personality as well. The horse I got from them is not just majestic, but hands-down the smartest horse I've ever owned.



Naomi Foster

owner of Dreamacres Sublime and Dreamacres Phire and Rain

I purchased my first Dreamacres horse in 2013 and immediately fell in love with him. He is the sweetest horse in the barn, but also has that show horse attitude needed for the show ring. I loved his personality so much that I bought my second Dreamacres horse a few years later. As an AOT it is important to me to have horses who are easy to work with and also love to be around people. Both of my horses have those qualities! They are excellent show horses, but both also love to hit the trails too! They are everything I could have hoped for and more!



Lauren Beck

previous owner of Dreamacres Lucy In The Sky

I got Dreamacres Lucy In The Sky in the fall of 2013. I owned and showed her in the pleasure equitation division until the end of my 2017 season.

Lucy has been nothing short of a blessing. From the start, she has always been incredibly clever, with tons of spirit and character which made getting to know her an amazing adventure. Throughout our 4 years together, she challenged me, loved me, made me laugh and aided me in our path to success. Although we had our trials, I never doubted that at the end of the day, Lucy would give me her 100% every time. She is also truly a blast to ride, and would have never in a million years done anything to put me in harm’s way.

This mare has helped to shape me into the person I am today, and I could not be more grateful for that, or for her. She has made so many of my dreams come true, and although now we are no longer partners, she will always have a special place in my heart.

Lucy is now owned and shown by Kate Sturgeon, a young girl who also rides at Country Meadow Farm with my trainer, Julie Anne Wroble. Watching them progress is very special for me. I always knew that Lucy loved her job and was truly amazing at it, but seeing her in action with a younger, less experienced rider makes it all the more obvious to me and proves her invaluable worth.

Owning a Dreamacres horse was also a unique experience in that it brought me closer to many people who had been a part of my horse’s life in the past and wished to cheer us on. The Ashenbrenner family at Dreamacres LLC, as well as trainer and assistant trainer Amanda Simpson and Brian Borton from Heartland Stables, have continuously supported Lucy and me, for which I am extremely grateful. I remember around this time last year, I opened a letter in the mail from Susan Ashenbrenner with an original photo of Lucy as a foal, which was such a special treat for me. The Dreamacres breeding program and those involved with it all are really one big family, and I feel as if I have been adopted into it.

As for Lucy, she’s still doing what she’s best at: being an incredible mount and friend, and living a happy, healthy life. Watch for her and Kate in the show ring!



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